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„Wychowanie w Rodzinie” (“Family Upbringing”) is a journal dedicated to the problems of the family in the historical and the contemporary approach. The published original articles – written by authors from Poland and other countries who discuss research results as well as theories – constitute a voice in humanities and social sciences discourse on the family. Although the majority of the published papers belong to such branches of social sciences as history of education and pedagogy of the family it is increasingly often that the work of scholars of other sub-disciplines of pedagogy as well as psychology, sociology, archaeology, literary studies, linguistics, and law is presented.

ISSN: 2082-9019, e-ISSN: 2300-5866

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4th International Academic Conference
Historical and contemporary contexts under the title:
Family in situation of conflict and danger

Szklarska Poręba (Poland), 19-21 maja 2016 r.

Institute of History of Education of Department of Pedagogy of University of Wrocław


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