Maternity in photography

TitleMaternity in photography
Publication TypeArtykuł / Article
Rok / Year2013
AuthorsJurczyk-Romanowska, E
JournalWychowanie w Rodzinie
Wol. / Vol.8
Keywordsmaternity, photos, visual materials
Abstrakt / Abstract

The presented article is an analysis of visual materials: photographs. The research question is: how do mothers present their maternity? The presented content is a result of the research project carried out in 2012, supervised by dr Martyna Pryszmont-Ciesielska: Współczesne oblicza macierzyństwa w perspektywie edukacji nieformalnej [Contemporary faces of maternity from the perspective of informal education]. It was expressed in a narrative and visual interpretation of the micro-worlds of the mothers participating in the research.