Konflikty małżeńskie w kontekście emocji wstydu

TytułKonflikty małżeńskie w kontekście emocji wstydu
Publication TypeArtykuł / Article
Rok / Year2012
AuthorsCzykwin, E
Słowa kluczoweemocje, Jack Katz, James Gilligan, konflikty mażeńskie, małżeństwo, Melvin Lansky, Suzanne Retzinger, Thomas Scheff, wstyd
Abstrakt / Abstract

The problem of shame in social sciences was mostly perceived as the subject of interest of psychologists. Contemporary research, especially that of Thomas Scheff , presents the productivity of a sociological approach to shame. Treating shame as a result of the violation of social bonds and discernment of two types of shame – unconscious and conscious – allow for a productive employment of the discussed approach in understanding the phenomena of violence, depression, and conflict. What is characteristic in the analysis of marital quarrels is that they tend to be of a repetitive and permanent character and include the components of abasement, alienation, and aggression. The triad of shame/anger constituting the explanatory fundament of the phenomenon is the basis of the analysis.