Retardacja rozwojowa dziecka a postawy rodziców

TytułRetardacja rozwojowa dziecka a postawy rodziców
Publication TypeArtykuł / Article
Rok / Year2011
AuthorsWiatrowska, L
Słowa kluczowedysleksja, dzieciństwo, dziecko, retardacja, rodzice, rozwój
Abstrakt / Abstract

Child's developmental retardation is an undoubted condition for the absence of educational attainment and its unpleasant mental state. Due to the nature of multidimensional state of that, parental attitudes become relevant, as they affect the acceleration or retardation of development. Positive parental attitudes are the strong weapon for the child and his struggles on the way to an equal start and equal development opportunities. For this reason you should emphasize those factors that build the structures supporting developmental progression. An ecosystem approach to human development emphasizes each factor as relevant component for growth and expansion, without denying its own human activity and his self-determination right.