Rola rodziny w samorozwoju młodzieży

TytułRola rodziny w samorozwoju młodzieży
Publication TypeArtykuł / Article
Rok / Year2011
AuthorsProkosz, M
Słowa kluczowemłodzież, rodzina, samorozwój, socjalizacja
Abstrakt / Abstract

The Study the matter of the meaning of the family in the self development of the youth. The authoress analyses the present situation of Polish families, often difficult and leading to the dysfunction. The meaning of Socialization analyses in the family then, and the basic dimension of the young man self - realization brings more closer. Treating to own investigations he undertakes the test of the answer on the question: What do the pupils of Wroclaw aw average schools undertake workings forthe own development? Considerations drawing the painting of the self - realization of the citizens of Wroclaw aw young generation finish the text. The main conclusions: the present youth be subject to civilization changeability and to her adjusts on her way.